Residential solar applications

What is a grid connected solar power system?

A grid connected solar power system uses the sun's energy to create electricity. This electricity supplies your home or business, and any excess is sold back to your electricity service provider. This happens automatically and is documented on your power bill.


How does grid connected solar power work?

A grid connected solar electricity system consists of photo voltaic panels, or solar panels, and a power inverter. The solar panels convert the sun's light into electricity. This electricity is feed to the power inverter, where it is converted to 240 volts AC, which then supplies the premises. When unuesd, this electricity is automatically feed back into the main power grid which is than causing the electricity meter to run backwards.

To summarise:

* Photovoltaic solar panels converting sunlight into electricity.

* The electricity is fed into an inverter which converts it to 240 volts AC.

* The 240 volt AC electricity is used to power lights and other appliances in your home first.

* Automatically surplus electricity is sold to your energy retailer.

Electricity retailers use bi-directional power meters to register the electricity that feeds back into the grid from your solar panels providing a credit on your power bill. Electricity is still supplied as usual by the mains power grid at night time, and your energy retailer charges your tariff rate for the power.

As components in a grid connect solar system have no moving parts, you can expect a long service life from your solar power system. This means returns on your investment. Government rebates save you thousands on grid-connected systems for a limited time!


Can I take advantage of a solar electricity system?

Contact Platinum Inverters for a free assessment to see if your property is suitable for a grid connected solar power system. Solar panels should be as north facing as possible in order to neutralise the full potential advantage of the sun. Tailored roof and ground mounting systems are available.

Our Clean Energy Council licensed installers will ensure the solar panels are optimally positioned to harness the sun for most of the day.

What is the right size solar system for me?

The Platinum Inverters sales team can give you options based on your needs. You can also use our Platinum system builder tool. It will take into account factors like roof space\ orientation and energy use, and calculate a solution tailored for you.

Don't forget, you will save thousands if you qualify for the renewable energy rebate.

Start saving money with your Platinum Inverters solar power grid connected systems! Contact our team of friendly experts today for free, no-obligation advice.


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